From the CEO


Thanks to all custommers for visiting CHANGHAE Industies Co.,Ltd.

CHANGHAE has been established in 1992 and converted to incorporated company in 1997. We are expert for special customizing inquiries and hydraulic systems solutions for Iron making, Power plant, Heavy construction equipment, Ship building, Oil & Gas and Industrial machines. We have supplied Hydraulic systems and components like power unit, control valve stand, Manifold blocks, Hydraulic cylinders and etc.

With slogan "Hydraulic Leader Company in 21st Century", we arepursuing sustainable development and growth by investing in Reserch & Develpoment, Facilities and Technologies in order to be the best hydraulic company. Our products and systems are including sufficient expreience and high technologies which we have accumulated since ChangHae was established. Based on those experiences and technologies, we have serviced intergrated system design, production, installation and factory acceptance testing for various customer demands and inquiries.

We hope your success with our products and system solution and hear the valuable voices and advicses from customers. Once again, we deeply appreciate your cooperation.

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